Who Am I To Judge: 80% of Indiana Church Leaves in Support of "Sin," aka Equality

Abby Zimet

Change Happens Chap. 762: Most of the congregants of a Methodist church in a small conservative Indiana town have left to protest the firing of their gay choral director by a new minister, in accordance with current but hotly disputed church policy. Critics argued that if the church insists on "prohibiting practicing sinners from serving, the buildings are going to be pretty empty." The dispute comes weeks after church officials defrocked a Methodist minister in Pennsylvania after officiating at his son's same-sex marriage. Three days after he was convicted, he was welcomed by a D.C. church whose congregants gave him a standing ovation.

Update: In a surprise move, Indiana's House also just delayed a vote on an amendment to ban same-sex marriage, which had been expected to pass. Critics included Christian leaders who argued that the ban contradicted the teachings of Jesus, who "welcomed those who others excluded."


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