A Very Sad Person, Also A Vindictive Petty Lying Thug

Abby Zimet

With today's release of a trove of newly incriminating documents, the gaudy, grubby spectacle of Chris Christie's bridge debacle just keeps getting worse. And while it's a dispiriting reflection of the state of our political landscape, it's also been a ripe incubator for what's come in its messy wake: entertainingly merciless put-downs from the likes of the New York Daily News, which concludes Christie is either a petty hack who surrrounded himself with lying vindictive thugs or is himself a lying vindictive thug (we vote for both); video compilations showing that actually, yes, he is a bully; Twitter compilations of the most hilariously skeptical responses to his marathon presser; a raft of brutal cartoons; and one lonesome, defiant, WTF expression of support from the New York Sun, which wonders why everyone's being so mean to Christie when sheesh Obama shut down the whole country and even White House tours, not just a dumb bridge, "for the sole purpose of political payback," so howcum nobody's calling him a bully, huh? The argument that “we get the political leaders we deserve” has been variously attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexis de Tocqueville and George Bernard Shaw. It's alot to ask, but let's hope they're all wrong.


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