Boss-Napping, Tire-Burning Workers Kicked While Down

Boss-Napping, Tire-Burning Workers Kicked While Down

Abby Zimet

Citing "actions that endanger people and goods," Ohio-based Goodyear Tires says it will sue the French workers who this week briefly boss-napped - and released when the cops showed up - two executives at an Amiens plant facing a shutdown that will cost over a thousand jobs. The workers, frustrated by proposed bad severance deals, earlier protests, years of failed talks, and insults from the company's U.S. CEO, blocked a doorway with huge tractor tires to keep in the managers, thus reviving a tactic used in earlier labor struggles - with Caterpillar, 3M, Sony - that was often successful, surprisingly popular, and rarely prosecuted. But with China beckoning, Goodyear, spray-painted by one enterprising worker to read "Badyear," isn't having any of it. After releasing their hostages while chanting "We are not the thugs," the workers burned piles of tires and vowed to occupy the plant; the police will likely be back.

Protests earlier this year


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