Palestine in Chile: Soccer Shirts As Terrorism

Palestine in Chile: Soccer Shirts As Terrorism

Abby Zimet

Hyperbolic supporters of Israel are charging a Palestinian soccer team in Chile with “fomenting terrorist intent” with their new uniforms, which ingeniously replace the number 1 with the map of Israel, aka Palestine. Chile's Jewish community has demanded the shirts be banned and the team apologize for "using the sport to lie and hate.” But Deportivo Palestino, founded in 1920 by Palestinian immigrants to Chile who now number over 300,000 - the largest Palestinian community outside the Middle East - cites the hypocrisy of such indignation in light of the abuses of an illegal occupation, and defends the image as accurate: "For us, free Palestine will always be the historical Palestine, nothing less.” The team unveiled the shirts on Jan. 4 during their first game, which they won.



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