Brave Utah Wingnuts Take On Hunger Strikes and Uprisings For God, Family and Country, Also Stopping the Gays Marrying

Abby Zimet

The threat America faces

With today's Supreme Court ruling putting a temporary hold on gay marriage in Utah, rabid  opponents of people getting to marry the person they love can take a breather on their ambitious plans to "take back freedom in America" by, respectively, starving to death and organizing an uprising led by the newly formed, Tea Party-led Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. With the ruling, "nullification" advocate Trestin Meacham has ended - with a pizza - his live-tweeted 15 days of subsisting on water, vitamins and misunderstanding of constitutional law. The 14 or so sheriffs may likewise wait out their call for an uprising in the name of state sovereignty and "the Holy Cause of Liberty," having offered themselves as "the army to set our nation free" from equality. Intriguingly, both used language - Meacham said the state "wants to shove a square peg in a round hole" and Sheriff Richard Mack said "homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats" - that sounds kinda gay to us.

Sheriff Richard Mack, in his days as an undercover narcotics officer

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