All Further Articles for 2014-01-06

Monday, January 6, 2014
Brave Utah Wingnuts Take On Hunger Strikes and Uprisings For God, Family and Country, Also Stopping the Gays Marrying
With today's Supreme Court ruling putting a temporary hold on gay marriage in Utah, rabid opponents of people getting to marry the person they love can take a breather on their ambitious plans to "take back freedom in America" by, respectively, starving to death and organizing an uprising led by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Thus, "nullification" advocate Trestin Meacham ended his 15 days of subsisting on water and misunderstanding of constitutional law, and the sheriffs may delay their uprising in the name of "the Holy Cause of Liberty," though both used language - Sheriff Richard Mack said "homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats" - that sounds kinda gay to us.
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New Jersey Dismisses 99% of Its Police Brutality Complaints, and Probably Will Again After Kid Attacked By Gang of Cops
A new investigative report by two New Jersey newspapers finds what many victims of police abuse lamentably know: Just 1% of complaints of excessive force by police - aka thugs with badges - are accepted and acted upon by internal review agencies meant to police them. The findings are likely not a surprise to David Connor Castellani, a college student tossed out of an Atlantic City casino for being underage and then set upon by five cops and a police dog, after which he needed 200 stitches and was charged with assaulting the cops and dog. His family is suing. Brutal video shows why.
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