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I Do Not Play Requests: Maddow Rips Koch Brothers A New One

by Abby Zimet

Wow. Check out Rachel Maddow politely eviscerating the Koch Brothers, who apparently don't like her talking about them. After Maddow's scorchingly accurate report on the debacle of the Koch-funded Florida drug testing of the poor - which, despite its disastrous results, was then replicated in several states through the well-funded magic of Koch lobbying - Maddow got a furious letter from the Koch lawyers, evidently not for the first time. They insisted  she renounce her own reporting and graciously provided a script for her "correction." Maddow, ever eloquent, tells them where to put it. Stay for the stunning last few seconds.

"Being a political actor means being subject to political scrutiny. If you don't want to be known for it, don't do it."