Two Cowards and A Bigot

Abby Zimet

The saga of Chris Kluwe, the former NFL punter who may or may not have been let go by the Minnesota Vikings for his outspoken - also hilariously profane - support for same-sex marriage, just got even more alluring. Having once famously assured a politician alarmed by the prospect that gay marriage "won't magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster," Kluze wrote an article in  Deadspin this week ripping two of his former bosses for being "cowards" not supportive of his activism, and one, special teams coach Mike Priefer, as a "bigot" who regularly said he "would wind up burning in hell with the gays." In response, Priefer has said some of his best friends  and family members etc...; the Vikings have said they "do not tolerate discrimination at any level" and "will investigate (the charges) with integrity." Kluwe, who likewise blasts an "NFL corporate mindset" in which "you show up to play on Sundays, and that's it - they take you out of your box and put you back in," concedes "my time as a football player is done." But he still insists, "Never be afraid to do what's right." Most striking about the story, regardless of how it ends: A mere 20 or so years ago, all of it - the angry reporting of the comments, the subsequent careful denials, investigations and quibbling about who said what - would have fallen into the  great vast silence that was business as usual, and never seen the oh-so-slowly-changing light of day.

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