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Friday, January 3, 2014
Two Cowards and A Bigot
The saga of Chris Kluwe, the former NFL punter who may or may not have been let go by the Minnesota Vikings for his outspoken support of same-sex marriage - cue his letter famously assuring an alarmed pol that gay marriage "won't magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster" - just got more alluring. In a Deadspin article this week, Kluwe ripped two former bosses for being "cowards" and one for being a "bigot" who regularly said "I would wind up burning in hell with the gays." Denials and promises of investigations quickly followed. What's most striking here: 20 years ago, all of it - the comments angrily reported, the frantic defensive backtracking - would have fallen into the vast silence that was business as usual, and never seen the oh-so-slowly-changing light of day.
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Hosannacare: You Can Trust God With Your Health Care If You Don't Do Anything Un-Biblical Like Drink Or Have Sexy-Time Sex Or Be, Like, You Know, Gay
In a little-noted exemption, health-sharing Christian ministries are touting "a proven Biblical model of healthcare" as an alternative to "the pro-abortion, same-sex-couple providing Obamacare." Arguing "Jesus Christ is the only adequate Provider for every need we have," three ministries offer members' help with medical bills if you abide by their strictures to follow "God-honoring lifestyles" - no drugs, alcohol, abortion, contraception, sex outside traditional marriage or other sins "as this glorifies God and keeps medical costs down." Their websites offer glowing testimonials - "The Lord (provided for) our unexpected C-section" - and one clarification: This is "NOT INSURANCE" but "a New Testament way of thinking about healthcare...trusting the Lord to provide in their time of need." So: no guarantee, no regulation, lots of faith. “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers..." 2 Corinthians
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What Are You Protecting?
The Euromaiden protests in Ukraine are ongoing, violent, and politically complex. But a new tactic by protesters on the one-month anniversary of a police crackdown is simply brilliant - mirrors.
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