All Further Articles for 2014-01-02

Thursday, January 2, 2014
Round Dance No More: Mall of America Marks New Year By Arresting Native-Americans
Two Native-American women and Idle No More organizers seeking to stage a traditional round dance at Minnesota's Mall of America (sic) were arrested by security officials so threatened by the announced action they earlier checked baby strollers for drums. Officials at the mall, owned by the Canadian mining and petro-chemical giant Triple Five Group, had written a letter banning the event as an unauthorized protest, but the women argued it was "a dance of friendship and peace" akin to a similar celebration held last year - not to mention countless flash mobs and other cultural events the mall had inexplicably deemed acceptable.
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WAR SUX, Except In Michigan, Because of the Children
In the name of "protecting the physical and emotional well-being of youth," who sometimes amuse themselves on road trips by looking at these things, Michigan has rejected an anti-war license plate - "WAR SUX" - because gosh we don't want the impressionable future warriors of the empire "unwillingly exposed" to any of this peacenik crap, never mind the obscenity of a commonly used, vaguely sexual term evidently deemed more offensive than the supremely offensive idea of war. The ACLU is suing on 1st Amendment grounds.
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