All Further Articles for 2013-12-31

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Agh, The Gays Are Everywhere and Kissing and May Even Be Visible From the Tennis Courts
Poor Orange County, California's bastion of right-wing, white-bread suburbia - John Wayne Airport! - where the old guard is evidently losing the culture wars. It was bad enough when a (straight) doctor in Irvine put up a rainblow flag on her house and then, in response to threats and angry emails, made her house look like this because "I don't do bully." Now two guys will get married on an AIDS Healthcare Foundation float during the Rose Parade, a first-ever event that has prompted panicked boycott calls, Facebook blasts, and warnings to parents the parade is "not for family viewing" given the violence it will do to their tender children and the "risk (of) exposing (them to) a sinful lifestyle." Yeah, just let 'em watch blood-and-guts football. "The problem is going to be the wedding kiss.” - critics' key objection.
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Every Time I Learn Something: Judge Gives Anti-Nuclear Activists A Break and Platform
Evolution Happens Dept: An uplifting scene in a Kansas City courtroom, where a group of Catholic priests and activists were being sentenced for a July protest at a National Nuclear Security Administration plant that produces nuclear weapon components. After listening to defendants' impassioned arguments - Question: "Don't you teach your parishioners to obey the rules?" Answer: "God's rules....We each have our own conscience to follow" - Judge Ardie Bland, who had earlier sentenced other nuclear activists to jail, announced "you're getting to me." Then he sentenced each activist to write a one-page essay about nuclear issues to be part of the public record and "give you a chance to say what you want to say." With moving, joyful video of the protest.
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