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Monday, December 23, 2013
Stay Fabulous Alabama: Small Town Accidentally Hires Black Drag Queen Dance Troupe for Christmas Parade. Outrage, Hilarity and Great PR Ensue
Oh we love us some Prancing Elites, though alas the mostly white, conservative residents of Semmes, Ala. evidently didn't after the local boys - all-black, all-gay, all-sexy-Santa-dressed - danced their way through the Christmas parade, having been inadvertently invited to do so. Predictably, some spectators were “appalled." Intriguingly, the Elites got a wave of online support, a new Kickstarter campaign and gigs for New Year’s and Mardi Gras. The big loser here: The Friends of Semmes, who have been removed as organizers of the parade. "The team was created (because) boys aren’t allowed to audition for the dance teams in the school system in Mobile. In their eyes, morally it isn’t right... (But) if the girls are doing it, why can’t the boys do it too?"
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