Michigan Women Will Have to Buy Rape Insurance To Get Abortion, a.k.a. That Gruesome Service

Abby Zimet

In another surreal step in the ongoing GOP war on women, Michigan legislators have passed a bill requiring women to buy a separate insurance rider to cover abortion, just in case they are one day confronted with the many possible sorrowful scenarios - rape, incest, illness, unviable fetus - that might call for an abortion. During emotional debate on the law, sparked by a Right-to-Life (sic) petition signed by 4% of the state's residents, several female Democratic lawmakers told their own difficult stories to show colleagues "the face of the women they’re hurting with their actions today." Passage of the bill further cements the right-to-life status of Michigan, where the ACLU is already suing U.S. Catholic bishops over the case of Tamesha Means, a pregnant woman who sought treatment at a Catholic hospital and was turned away three times before painfully miscarrying. A hysterical rant from the National Review on the case and the "Orwellian-boot," baby-killing, gay-loving, opportunistic fascists of the ACLU offers a glimpse into the same right-wing, fevered-dream "thinking" behind the anti-abortion insurance law.

"Any abortionist (ed's note: a.k.a. licensed physician providing needed health care to a suffering woman) with eyes in his head knows exactly what sort of grisly business he is about, and the abortion faction, conscious of the blood on its hands, desires that everybody should have the same blood on their hands, so as to deepen the national commitment to the cause of elective homicide that in the vast majority of cases is practiced for the sole purpose of furthering sexual convenience."


Mercy site: "Want a say in your health care decisions? Exercise your voice."

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