All Further Articles for 2013-12-12

Thursday, December 12, 2013
The Art of Resistance, In the Selective Eye of the Beholder
Happily, the press recently discovered an extraordinary garden created from empty tear gas canisters in the West Bank village of Bil’in, site of weekly protests against the Apartheid Wall. Unhappily, but somewhat unsurprisingly, almost all the coverage omitted a key fact: The garden was planted and is daily nurtured in memory of Bassem Abu Rahmah, a Palestinian protest leader killed in 2009 by an Israeli tear gas grenade, and other victims of the Occupation. Today, Bassem's mother regularly waters the garden, whose centerpiece is a photo of Bassem mounted on spent tear gas casings. The protests, meanwhile, continue.
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Michigan Women Will Have to Buy Rape Insurance To Get Abortion, a.k.a. That Gruesome Service
In another surreal step in the ongoing GOP war on women, Michigan legislators have passed a bill requiring women to buy a separate insurance rider to cover abortion, just in case they are one day confronted with any sorrowful scenario - rape, incest, illness, unviable fetus - that might call for an abortion. The law, sparked by a Right-to-Life (sic) petition, further cements the red-state status of Michigan, where the ACLU is already suing Catholic bishops over the case of a pregnant woman turned away three times from a Catholic hospital before painfully miscarrying - a case prompting a hysterical rant from the National Review about baby-killling that reflects the same feverish right-wing "thinking" behind the insurance law. "Any abortionist with eyes in his head knows exactly what sort of grisly business he is about, and the abortion faction...desires that everybody should have the same blood on their hands, so as to deepen the national commitment (to) elective homicide."
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