Witch Hunts, Fake Sites and Rape Analogies: GOP Eating Their Own

Abby Zimet

Despite this week's wave of evidently good news on Obamacare - costs lower than expected, a million people visiting an upgraded website, an Administration touting its widespread benefits - the Socialist nightmare that is affordable health care remains, in a singularly pathological phenomenon, a bugaboo for many on the right wing. Thus do we have a wave of often preposterous House hearings and legal challenges, an investigation by Darrell Issa into correspondence between insurance companies and the Administration to ferret out "glaring inconsistencies" in their narrative, a flurry of fake health care websites that focus on Obamacare failures, witch hunts among Republicans accusing each other of harboring sympathies for "the disaster that is Obamacare," and Tea Party rants about how "the Obama regime" is encouraging people to "lie back and quit fighting and eventually (enjoy) the experience" of this "Socialist doctrine" which is obviously just like rape - "rape of our free will, rape of our religious convictions, rape of free markets, rape of our Constitution, a brutal rape of the American Dream and personal freedoms," because, really, being able to get a cancer screening or treatment for high blood pressure when you need them is just like....Sigh. More on what even conservative scholars call this "obsessive hatred with all things Obamacare."

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