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Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Pardon People, Not Just Turkeys
In what has been dubbed "America's dumbest tradition" - though with Black ThursFriday coming up, the competition is stiff - Obama today pardons one of two turkeys named Caramel and Popcorn, thus bringing the total of turkeys he has pardoned (10) to roughly the same number of human beings convicted of drug crimes he has pardoned (11), despite his Administration's vow to reform a harsh justice system that imposes extreme sentences for non-violent and often very slight crimes. Obama has in fact granted the fewest pardons of any modern president - including the law-and-order Nixon, who declared a war on drugs - with just 39 pardons and one commutation. The ACLU is among many urging him to do better. Still, today he offered a "full reprieve" to Popcorn, so there's that.
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