It's All One Justice: Rev. Billy and the Golden Frogs Vs. JP Morgan

It's All One Justice: Rev. Billy and the Golden Frogs Vs. JP Morgan

Abby Zimet

While marauding banksters who trashed the global economy and continue trashing the environment have yet to see a day in jail, climate change activist Reverend Billy faces a year in jail for a recent "extinction resurrection" performance by his Church of Stop Shopping Choir, dressed as now-extinct golden frogs, at a NYC branch of JP Morgan Chase - the world's top investor in fossil fuel projects that have led to the extinction of scores of other species. For their 15-minute, frog-costumed performance of "We Surround You," representing all threatened species, the City charged the choir director and the frequently arrested Reverend, aka Bill Talen, with riot, menacing and disorderly conduct. In an astute interview with Grist, Talen says he gets the threat they pose -   "We’re in dicey territory here because JP Morgan Chase is basically the government of New York. Jamie Dimon is a rock star....It's a very sensitive thing for a corporation to have activists come in. We're more dramatic than they are and we're stopping everything. Some of the toads are up on the desks dancing. We're singing. I'm preaching." - which is also why he feels he needs to keep at it before big banks and heavy industry "drain all life from the planet." There's a petition to get him off.

"In America we’ve never changed without casualties....The Earth leads, we follow."

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