Cops In the Act

Cops In the Act

Abby Zimet

An infuriating story from the poor, black Miami Gardens, where 28-year-old Earl Sampson has a 38-page rap sheet from being stopped and questioned by police 258 times in four years. He's been arrested 62 times for one offense - trespassing - oddly, always at the same location: a neighborhood convenience store called 207 Quickstop. Where, it turns out, he works. And often takes out the garbage. And is, then, arrested. Over and over. Fed up with his customers and employees being thus routinely harrassed, store owner Alex Saleh finally installed 15 video cameras as protection, not against robbers - he's never had any - but police. Now, with the help of the ACLU, he plans to file a federal lawsuit against them. May he, Sampson and all the rest prosper. Especially given that, according to Bad Cop No Donut, they are far from alone.

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