All Further Articles for 2013-11-21

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Polluters Talk, We Walk
A day after over 130 poor countries walked out of UN climate talks in Warsaw to protest the lack of progress, about 800 members of environmental groups staged their first ever mass walkout, charging the talks - held in conjunction with a coal summit and plastered with corporate sponsorship - have "put the interests of dirty energy industries over that of global citizens." Wearing t-shirts reading "Volveremos" (We Will Return) members of Greenpeace,, WWF, Oxfam and other groups said the conference was "on track to deliver virtually nothing" but they would continue their work.
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Shoot Your Mother: Some Sick F#&k Has Made A Sandy Hook Video "Game"
The upcoming anniversary of the slaughter of 26 innocents in Newtown inspired some demented troll to create The Slaying of Sandy Hook , a video "game" in which players recreating the role of Adam Lanza try to shoot as many kids as possible. With blood-soaked visuals, sounds of bullets flying, and a bogus gun control message tacked on to make it seem semi-palatable. Just when you think we can't go any lower...Oh, America.
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