All Further Articles for 2013-11-06

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Coralville and Small-Town Democracy: 3, Koch Bros: 0
Small good news on the Kochtopus front, where an aggressive effort by Americans for Prosperity to swing local elections in a small Iowa town as part of a national move to lay the groundwork for 2014 elections met with hostility, unwanted attention and failure on all fronts. The campaign to unseat three incumbents in tiny Coralville, which centred on the town's debt, came complete with dirty tricks one critic deemed "almost hilarious." All three won. This level of outside involvement in a nonpartisan city election is unheard of, said Sue Dvorsky, a Coralville resident who was chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party from 2010-12. “To me, it’s money in search of a problem,” she said of Americans for Prosperity’s participation. She later added, “This just feels wrong.” It is allowed, though. A 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United opened up political spending to outside groups like Americans for Prosperity. - See more at: “Every time I go to a debate or anything, I’ve tried talking about the budget, and then they just go, ‘Koch brothers, Koch brothers, Koch brothers.’" - a candidate who actually agreed with many Koch positions but still wished they “would just go...
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Gore Porn: 'Cause Football and War and Blood and Go USA!
Northwestern University's football team will be psyched for its big upcoming game against Michigan by wearing fake-blood-spattered-flag-bedecked uniforms that read "Courage" and "Duty" to honor and raise (a little) money for real-life veterans grievously injured in jingoistic wars we've often waged in the same mindless ra ra spirit as football games, but no irony there, nuh uh. Northwestern's coach says the jerseys will also provide perspective for players in “mourning mode” after dropping their fifth straight game. "There's something harsh in his fellow Americans, avid, ecstatic, a burning that comes of the deepest need...They all need something from him." - "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk," on the "tag teams of grateful citizens" at a Dallas Cowboys football game passing visiting veterans around "like everyone's favorite bong."
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Their Mane Is the Thunder and Their Eyes Are the Stars
Wild horses and their advocates have won a reprieve after a federal appeals court in New Mexico issued an emergency injunction to halt the re-opening of horse slaughterhouses. Navajo and other critics of horse roundups - where teens chase wild horses on ATVs for "kill buyers" who pay as little as $20 a head - charge their approval was based on bogus environmental studies by greedy coal companies claiming horse overpopulation because "the only way to get at those resources is to get rid of the horses." "They possess the same fundamental right to life as we, the five-fingered ones, do." - Leland Grass
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Tar Sands In Southern Maine: What $600,000 In Oil Industry Money and Scare Tactics Will Get You (Alas, Us)
In a heartbreaking, infuriating blow to the way life should be, South Portland's Waterfront Protection Ordinance - an ingenious effort to halt the potential flow of tar sands oil from Canada into southern Maine by banning a waterfront terminal that would store, process and export it - was defeated Tuesday by just 192 votes after the oil industry spent $600,000, or six times that of activists and residents, falsely claiming the proposal would shutter the working waterfront and economic world as we know it. Still, it ain't over till it's over: Activists vowed to keep fighting. "(We have) everything to lose, and nothing to gain, from transportation of tar sands oil through our region and the State of Maine."
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013
"The Worst Year of My Life"
The photo-a-day meme used to powerful, disturbing effect in a Croatian PSA for an anti-domestic abuse campaign titled, "The Worst Year of My Life." The sign at the end reads, “Help me, I do not know if I can wait for tomorrow.”
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