Seeking Mercy In Oklahoma: Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good

Seeking Mercy In Oklahoma: Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good

Abby Zimet
In a reflection on the sorry state of women's access to health services, the heartrending story of Jessica and Erick Davis, a young broke couple from Oklahoma who had to borrow several  thousand dollars to travel with their three kids to Texas - yes, Texas, currently working hard to eliminate or dramatically limit abortion - to terminate Jessica's male fetus, which had been diagnosed with a fatal brain malformation called holoprosencephaly. The GOP legislature in Oklahoma, which has passed at least 16 laws restricting abortion, prides itself on being the reddest, most "pro-life" state in the country, and has become a kind of staging ground for the anti-abortion movement. Jessica, who tearfully describes having funeral homes mock or turn her away when she asked for "a proper burial" for her fetus, says she acted "so that our son would not suffer.” One blogger blasts her for that view - "Rather than facing up to their evil and seeking divine redemption and forgiveness, they are clothing their actions as thoroughly righteous and merciful" - and many online comments echo him. Some days, our savagery as a species seems to know no bounds.


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