All Further Articles for 2013-10-31

Thursday, October 31, 2013
On Soul-Killing Solitary
Belatedly, inadequately, the issue of solitary confinement has been seeping into the news - with the Pelican Bay hunger strikes, the Angola Three story, the U.N.'s declaring such long-term isolation from time, touch, light, all human contact what it is - torture. More searing testimony from Five Omar Mualimm-ak, an activist who served 12 years in prison, over five in solitary, "out of sight and invisible to other human beings (and) eventually to myself," for "offenses" like having too many postage stamps, eating an entire apple including core, or not eating enough of it - which became "refusing to eat."
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Horse Hockey: The Patriot Survival Plan For the Mathimatically (sic) Certain Financial Pearl Harbor and Apocalypse That Is Coming For Just $37! Wait, Make That $22!
Fellow Patriots, listen up. Just because the news has been all about shutdowns and health care doesn't mean your patriotic defenders of the fringe haven't been way busy with other way important stuff. Thus do we have: A mind-boggling Patriot Survival Plan for a coming crisis that will be just like Pearl Harbor and the Great Depression and 9/11 and the Civil War all rolled into one "knife in the heart of this great nation"; a claim from the American Family Association the U.S. military is being conditioned "in their brains" to kill Christians and Tea Partiers; and a claim the U.N. is plotting to take over the Alamo, that "sacred shrine for individual freedom in the face of collective evil" - a story one Texas official calls "horse hockey." Which sounds cool but makes no more sense than anything else here. The thing is: these people are out there. USA USA!
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No To Restarts: Suits Join Japan Nuclear Power Protests
With a governmental task force reportedly urging that the grossly inept TEPCO be stripped of responsibility in shutting down and cleaning up the crippled Fukushima plant, business workers have joined the growing nuclear protests in Japan. Over 600 people who came direct from work in their business suits marched Wednesday in Tokyo, deliberately passing by TEPCO offices with signs reading "No to Restarts" and "Stop Contaminated Water."
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The Halloween Parade, and A Mother's Righteous Wrath
For Halloween, the best response ever from a D.C. mom after some jerk stole her kid's pumpkin. With photos from the good, old, weird, hand-made days, and a last lugubrious word from Lou Reed.
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