On The Availability of Guns and the Eagerness to Hate

Abby Zimet

At today's Senate hearing on Stand Your Ground laws, powerful testimony from two Florida  mothers who lost their teenage sons - both black, unarmed, wearing hoodies and minding their own business - to racist angry white guys with guns. A fierce Lucia Holman McBath, whose son Jordan Russell Davis was shot and killed for sitting in a car with friends listening to loud music just nine months after Trayvon Martin's death, blasted laws that allow people to "establish their own definition of right and wrong and how 'justice' will be carried out." McBath, who became an anti-gun activist after Jordan's death, noted that "there were many ways (the encounter between the shooter and her son) could have ended, but there was only one once a gun entered the equation." Despite the appalling and oblivious racism still abroad in the land - Halloween, among many other things, seems to bring it out - McBath was hopeful that change will happen.

"That man was empowered by the 'stand your ground' statute. I am here to tell you there was no ground to stand. There was no threat. No one was trying to invade his home...I can tell you all about (Jordan). His easy smile, his first girlfriend...But you can never really know my boy because an angry man who owned a gun kept it close at hand and chose to demonstrate unbridled hatred one balmy evening for reasons I will never understand."

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