McDonald's "Help" Line Suggests Broke Workers Get Food Stamps

McDonald's "Help" Line Suggests Broke Workers Get Food Stamps

Abby Zimet

Benevolent patriarchs McDonald's like to tout their McResources hotline - "Getting Help Is Easy!" "Free help when you need it!" - for employees ineplicably having trouble making ends meet on their lavish $8.25 an hour wages. So when they got a distressed call from Nancy, a Chicago woman with two kids who's worked there ten years without a raise, they naturally offered her a living wage and health benefits. Ha ha, not. Actually, the nice lady told Nancy she should check out food pantries, food stamps and Medicaid - the kinds of benefits that over half of fast food workers have to get to survive. Because it's job-creating McDonald's, not whining mooching Nancy, that really needs help here. From Low Pay Is Not OK.

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those Orange County Republicans are obviously right. We must not burden the job creators with a livable wage for their taker employees, because that is Theft from the makers. Instead, the government should step in and help those who need it most: the McDonald’s corporation, and Walmart, who are obviously just squeaking by.

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