All Further Articles for 2013-10-24

Thursday, October 24, 2013
The Most Jaw-Droppingly Racist Daily Show Interview Ever Just Cost This GOP Chair His Job
It's tough to pick the highlights from last night's surreal Daily Show interview, in which Aasif Mandvi asked GOP precinct chair Don Yelton about North Carolina's racist new voter ID law. Maybe when Yelton says, "If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it," or when he complains he can't use the N word, or when he boasts that one of his best friends know. Or it might just be the stunned Mandvi finally asking, "You know that we can hear you, right?" Oh yeah: Yelton resigned today.
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McDonald's "Help" Line Suggests Broke Workers Get Food Stamps
Benevolent patriarchs McDonald's like to tout their McResources hotline - "Free help when you need it!" - for employees ineplicably having trouble making ends meet on their lavish $8.25 an hour wage. So when they got a distressed call from Nancy, a Chicago woman with two kids who's worked there ten years without a raise, they naturally offered her a living wage and health benefits. Ha ha, not. Actually, the nice lady told Nancy she should check out food pantries, food stamps and Medicaid. Because it's job-creating, good-doing McDonald's, not whining mooching Nancy, that really needs help here. From Low Pay Is Not OK .
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