Beware, Your Triscuits and Oreos May Be Watching You

Beware, Your Triscuits and Oreos May Be Watching You

Abby Zimet

As if advertising wasn't creepy and invasive enough, snack food giant Mondelēz, formerly Kraft, is introducing sensor-equipped, Microsoft-facilitated "smart shelves" that assemble data on potential customers - age, sex, if you pick up a product and for how long - and relay it back to the company. This way, they can target you and your demographic by designing ads, packaging and coupons to entice you to buy even more of their addictive, sugar, salt, and chemical-laden treats, part of an overall trend of turning the retail experience into technologically savvy, inter-active theater. And don't worry about privacy, they say: It won't collect your personal information, just "avatar-like models" of you. We feel better already.



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