Note to Pinkwashers: Leave Your Bra On, Thanks

Note to Pinkwashers: Leave Your Bra On, Thanks

Abby Zimet

Amidst what one unenthusiast calls October's "annual pink barf tornado otherwise known as Breast Cancer Awareness month, a special time when corporations exploit our feelings of helplessness in the face of life's senseless brutality by directing people to Fight Cancer through the purchase of products," comes a breathtakingly pointless new idea: declaring Oct.13 Take Off Your Bra Day. Because even more than pink soup cans, eyelash curlers, carcinogenic cosmetics - made by companies that often give little or nothing to actual cancer research - and perhaps most egregiously pink NFL paraphernalia _ which clearly makes you think, as they drop back for a pass, oh yeah, mammograms - women with breast cancer really want to see "bra-less women flaunting two body parts that (we) have lost to cancer." With a Pinkwashing Hall of Shame, senseless pink events galore, an online journal tracing many women's true hard journeys through treatment - this chemo, that chemo, failed petscan, break up with God - ways to actually help. With one blogger showing us what recovery from mastectomy actually looks and feels like.

"There is nothing pink and rosy about breast cancer...It is a serious disease that kills."

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