Capitalism Works For Me! (True/False/Explain)

Abby Zimet

Seeking to take on what for most Americans is a taboo or nonexistent subject, artist and activist Steve Lambert has planted a massive sign in cities across the country,  asking people to vote - and more importantly think - about whether global capitalism actually works for them. In 2008, Lambert was one of a group of activists who created 80,000 free New York Times "Special Editions," offering 14 pages of “best case scenario” news set nine months in the future to celebrate the vision of the world they wanted; the now-famed front page headline read, “IRAQ WAR ENDS.” Lambert views his current project, which ends its run today in Times Square as part of New York's Crossing the Line Festival showcasing socially engaged art, as "a public conversation," a deceptively simple conduit (the vote) to explore the more complex issue of our current economic system, and possible ways to improve or replace it. With fascinating videos of many people actually, thoughtfully, eloquently talking about it.

"For 50 years it has been unacceptable, politically, in the United States to ask what is basically a straightforward question. We have a particular economic system, it’s called capitalism. We have every right as a society to ask of that system, is it working?"

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