All Further Articles for 2013-10-08

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
House Gym Deemed More Essential Than Head Start
Despite the shutdown's thousands of closings, curtailments and furloughed employees, the members-only House gym or "wellness center" - complete with pool, sauna, steam, basketball and paddleball courts, flatscreen tvs and associated maintenance costs - has stayed open, reportedly on direct orders from John Boehner. The Senate gym is evidently open as well, though the gym for staffers is closed. And most of these incompetent clowns are still getting paid. Tell Boehner et al to go defund themselves.
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Severe Hornet Attacks in China, Which Even More Alarmingly Has Moved to South America
Swarms of Asian giant hornets have killed dozens of people in China and injured over 1,500, reported CNN last week in a scary story made surreal when their graphic placed Hong Kong in Brazil. The rise of the hornets, described by one entomologist as "the wasp analog of a pit bull" with "a face that looks like you just can't reason with it," is widely attributed to - yes - climate change and human activity.
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