Shutdown Anomalies: NSA In, KKK and Hungry Kids Out, Pandas Dark, Pants Off

Abby Zimet

The moronic shutdown wrought by what one critic calls "a cabal of ungovernable collection of snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds" intent on breaking the government they're supposed to be running is proceeding with as much logic as the bogus process that got us here. Thus do we have the NSA still working but FOIA requests not; gas and oil flowing - and monitored to ensure against theft - but WIC payments to hungry women and kids - over half of infants in the U.S. rely on it, but the link proving it is shut down - not; TSA and other "essential" Homeland Security functions intact but clinical trials for kids with cancer halted; and both the National Zoo's panda cam shut down - many are bumming - and the KKK unable to hold their rally at Gettsburg Park - nobody's bumming - because it's closed. There's also a Twitter protest #NoBudgetNoPants - "If your pants aren't off, you aren't paying attention" - that makes about as much sense as the shutdown. Elizabeth Warren tells it like it is.

Update in Annals of Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy That Make Us Want to Throw Up: Ted Cruz is now warning that the shutdown he orchestrated might lead to a terrorist attack so gosh people let's all work together. WTF?

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