All Further Articles for 2013-09-30

Monday, September 30, 2013
Nuclear Nightmares
The recent revelation that the Air Force came that close in 1961 to exploding an atom bomb over Goldsboro, N.C. - one 260 times more powerful than Hiroshima's - turns out to be just one terrifying slip among dozens of secret or under-reported nuclear mistakes and near-misses documented in "Command and Control," the new book by Eric Schlosser. Among his many scary findings: How often stupid little things - a busted socket wrench, rubber cushions catching on fire - led to near-catastrophe. Schlosser's goal goes beyond scaring us. Wisely, he also wants to halt our "enormous amnesia" about the nuclear hazard, and restart a dialogue about ending it.
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Smirking GOP Reps Say Ha Ha Too Bad About That Shutdown But Thank God We Still Have Our $175,000 Paycheck
Self-Serving Idiots On Parade: If you can stand it, watch two slimy GOP reps - Tennessee's Marsha Blackburn and California's Dana Rohrabacher - try to dodge a simple vital question from CNN's Ashleigh Banfield on who will and will not suffer from the looming, pointless government shutdown. Hint: not them. Because they're deemed "essential." No. Really. With a handy, appalling list of 21 things Republicans have demanded over time in exchange for not crashing the government, such as it is. Update : Even with a shutdown, these guys are still fundraising. Unreal.
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