All Further Articles for 2013-09-26

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Shooting Elephants In the Face: Well-Done, Alot of Fun
Just when you thought you couldn't hate the NRA any more comes this video from Under Wild Skies , an NRA-sponsored "sports" show inexplicably aired by NBC, in which tough guy and NRA lobbyist Tony Makris bravely goes forth into Botswana to massacre an elephant - an act about to be but not quite yet illegal - finally downing it on the third shot by shooting it between the eyes and gloating, after the suffering animal charged, that "somebody got a little cheeky. " Two petitions to cancel it.
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The Showboatiest Blab
So you might have heard Ted Cruz yammered on endlessly, hyperbolically and pointlessly - the Senate vote goes forward - about "the people" being against health insurance, which is just like Nazis. He gets what he deserves from Jon Stewart, and Dr. Seuss. “Ted talked about healthcare, compared it to Nazis/ As comparisons go, he was off by a lot-zi."
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