Democratizing Accuracy

Abby Zimet

Nation, it's been a few relatively quiet days since the latest gun-fueled all-American  bloodshed in Chicago, where a three-year-old got shot in the face, and D.C., where the NRA complained "there weren’t enough good guys with guns." Ergo, it must be time to unveil TrackingPoint's precision-guided firearms, the world's first smart gun, which democratizes accuracy" and hones "the art of sniping" with its own on-board  ballistic computer system, integrating "microelectronics, microprocessors, and networking technology into a small arms weapons system" to put jet fighter launch-and-launch technology in your hands" - AND allow you to upload videos for your friends on social media. Shared killing! And, as Colbert notes, "skill-free killing!" All for $17,000! Remarkably, the company argues that creating a firearm with such unprecedented precision will "usher in a new age of ethical killing" because it will foster introspection. They also swear the moon is made of cheese. Others wryly take their premise a tad further, drawing a timely analogy and urging us to demand the right to stand your ground with decisive lethal force - of chemical weapons -  because everyone knows chemical weapons don't kill people, people kill people.


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