AIG CEO Says Getting Yelled At On Blogs For Obscene Bonuses Is Just Like Getting Hanged From A Tree By Your Neck Till You're Dead

Abby Zimet

Fitzgerald and Hemingway were both right. Rich people, and most notably CEOs of rapacious companies, are different from us: They have not just more money, but more arrogance, grandiosity, moral blindness and self-delusion. Thus do we have Robert Benmosche, the CEO who took over AIG after it helped crash the global economy and then got bailed out by $700 billion from taxpayers, telling the Wall Street Journal that the uproar over insane bonuses to executives despite their utter incompetence was "just as bad and just as wrong" as lynching blacks in the South, and why were all those people "out there with their pitchforks and their hangman nooses" calling them bad names which is pretty much the same as being brutally murdered. Benmosche's paranoid idiocy comes just as several other poor victimized CEOs have whined about how public anger at their privilege is just sour grapes and people should just suck it up and besides it's just like Nazi Germany, which you can really sort of see, except, you know, for the concentration camps. The kicker: The WSJ profile on the oblivious Benmosche was titled, "At AIG, Benmosche Steers a Steady Course...Focuses on Core Mission," with the lynching analogy cut from the main story and buried in a later blog post, neither of which mentions that actually not only did he not get lynched, but he didn't save the insurance giant - we the people did, and still wish we didn't.

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