Let Them Not Eat: The Christian Path to Worthiness

Let Them Not Eat: The Christian Path to Worthiness

Abby Zimet

The GOP House's slashing $40 billion in food stamps for 48 million Americans suffering from "food insecurity" - the current tragi-comic euphemism for being hungry - is heinous enough, but it becomes just the tip of the brutal iceberg when seen in a broader context best exemplified by North Dakota's Rep. Kevin Cramer - who answered a constituent challenging him with the Bibilical quote, "If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat," and whose district has received $10.4 billion in agricultural subsidies, the most of anyone in the country. Such gross hypocrisy, coupled with what the New York Times calls "supreme indifference, is common. Here and here are the many other right-wing creeps who don't want to give any help to poor, old, young, sick, disabled or hungry people but are themselves happy to be on the generous dole; here's a breakdown on how the rest of us pay $6,000 a year to subsidize big business; here's an idiot congressman whining about having to make do with his paltry $175,000 salary; and here's a lobbyist for the right-wing Family Research Council proclaiming there's "nothing more Christian" than making people go hungry in order to ensure "they are participants in their own upliftment and empowerment...there within lies the path to a sense of worthiness." Finally, a deft acknolwedgement that Republicans are now overtly waging a class war, just not the one most of us wanted.


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