Now Not Just CUNY Hates Petraeus After Cops Punch Out Peaceful Protesters

Abby Zimet

In a bizarre escalation of the fight against CUNY's hiring of David Petraeus, six CUNY students were charged with disorderly conduct and other offenses during a protest even though video showed it was the students who got battered by police. The charges sparked outrage by both CUNY faculty and, eventually, over 300 academics nationwide who issued a statement saying that they “deplore the use of violence and brutal tactics" against students peacefully protesting against the hiring of Petraeus, himself responsible for so much violence and brutality in Iraq and Afghanistan. Saying they support the efforts of students to resist efforts to turn the university into "a war college," they demanded that the students' charges be dropped and Petraeus be fired. Well-played, NYPD.

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