All Further Articles for 2013-09-19

Thursday, September 19, 2013
Koch Bros to Young People: Opt Out of Obamacare or Bizarro Uncle Sam Will Get You With His Speculum
Those frisky Koch Brothers are at it again. Determined to convince college students to opt out of the coming socialist evil that is Obamacare, their Generation Opportunity has launched a video campaign featuring a creepy Uncle Sam threatening to inflict pelvic and prostate exams on terrified young women and men. Later their "brand ambassadors" will tour colleges to hand out pizza and lies. Like how you should "empower yourself" by turning down health care because then you'll be free to suffer needlessly when you get sick and not have access to medical services and terrorists and tyranny and freedom and USA! USA!
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Death of An Adjunct, Or Why We (Still) Need Unions
Margaret Mary Vojtko, 83, died a few weeks ago. Almost destitute, she had been struggling to live, undergoing cancer treatment, sleeping in an office because she couldn't afford to fix her furnace and, finally, ignobly, being buried in a cardboard casket without handles - that, despite having taught for 25 years at Duquesne, a ritzy Catholic university devoted to "profound concern for moral and spiritual values." Duquesne is one of three Catholic schools fighting a growing unionization movement by adjunct professors - over half of all college faculty - who earn Mcwages with no benefits or job security. Amidst criticism after Vojtko died, the school's chaplain lamely argued that priests had regularly visited and prayed with her. Not enough, by God. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me." - Matthew
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Photo Requests From Solitary: I Don't Have Nobody Out There
It took ten years to close Illinois' notorious Tamms supermax, where inmates could endure decades of solitary confinement - a battle one prisoner described as "moving the Mountain of the state with nothing but teaspoons (and) paper clips." To build publicity and ease that time, activists with Tamms Year Ten launched “Photo Requests From Solitary,” wherein inmates could request a photograph of anything and they'd get it. Their requests were touching, detailed, startling: a grey and white horse rearing in weather cold enough to see his breath, Auntie Gibby's green and white house between two and four p.m. A show of the photos opened this week, and the group has continued the project at two supermaxes in New York and California where, yes, people remain in solitary.
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