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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Sending A Strong Message: Unelected Detroit Officials Shut Off Power Downtown Because Ha That'll Show Residents Who Didn't Cut Back Like He Told 'Em To
Detroit's incompetent autocratic chief compliance officer - who works for the incompetent autocratic emergency manager who was apppointed by the incompetent autocratic GOP governor who helped crash the economy - deliberately shut down much of the city's power grid on 9/11 to send "a strong message" to ornery residents who failed to listen when he told them to reduce power usage. There was no warning of the "precautionary measure," leading to general chaos. Reporter: " What do you say to the people who were stuck in elevators in 90-degrees?" Brown: "I say we’re working very hard to get them out of the elevators."
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Guns Are Cool
One more time: A guy - an unstable veteran who drank alot, suffered from anger management and other mental issues, and "had a gun at all times" - killed at least 12 people at a D.C. Navy yard. There have been so many mass shootings in this country, and this country alone, its definition is debated. Counting sprees that kill four or more people, the FBI lists six mass shootings in the past nine months and 20 during Obama's presidency. The folks at Guns Are Cool reasonably include wounded, bringing the obscene total to 250 in 2013, or almost one a day. Obama called the shooting "a cowardly act." Wanna see a cowardly act? Congress persistently, unfathomably, unconscionably failing to halt the bloodshed. "Guns don't kill people. Nothing kills people. People don't die. Stop saying words." - spoof NRA tweet.
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