Missiles In Vermont: Wrong Place For A(nother) Bad Idea

Missiles In Vermont: Wrong Place For A(nother) Bad Idea

Abby Zimet

Vermonters already fighting the proposed basing of F-35s in their once-pristine state just learned they are also one of five possible sites named by the brilliant minds at the Pentagon for a new missile base on the East Coast mandated by a Congressional study, but deemed unnecessary even by some in the military. Bernie Sanders blasted the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system proposed for Jericho, Vermont - big news this week: progress on the Skunk Hollow Road - as "a very bad idea I do not believe (will) ever happen," and many citizens agreed. Now, those already fighting the F-35s and the argument that defense dollars are "the sound of freedom" must again point out that, no, actually, they're the sound of a handful of defense contractors making a cool few billion more at the expense of the rest of us. Primary among those profitting would be Raytheon, which would make several marvels including its Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV). Say no more.

"Bottom line — Vermont is part of a study ordered by Congress to find possible sites for an unfunded missile system for which the military sees no need to protect America against a threat that doesn’t exist. No, thank you." - local editorial.

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