Writ Large in Letters of Blood: CUNY Students "Welcome" Petraeus On His First Day

Abby Zimet

Student activists taunted and hounded Ret. Gen. David Petraeus on his way to teaching his first class at CUNY, charging that his appointment and the return of ROTC to campus after decades is part of the growing militarization of academia. Protesters shouted "war criminal!" at the grim Petraeus who, as a former buddy to death squads in Latin America, former head of the CIA, former commander of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and current advocate of bombing Syria, deserves it.

"Apparently the CUNY Board and administration thought bringing a big name ex-general and former CIA head would be a publicity coup - 'Look who’s teaching at CUNY' writ large. It is writ large, in letters of blood. This is a certified war criminal in the most literal sense."

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