Florida Police "Stand By" Brutal Assault of Woman Stopped for Possible DUI

Florida Police "Stand By" Brutal Assault of Woman Stopped for Possible DUI

Abby Zimet

Another assault by sociopathic cops, another video to prove it. Christina West, 44, was arrested by a swarm of Tallahassee police in the early morning hours after she crashed her car. Though she seems to pass their sobriety test, they put her in the patrol car, take her out and then, evidently because she starts worriedly asking about moving her child's car seat into her husband's car, savage her - slam her face into the car, brutally take her down while smashing her face into the street (thus breaking her cheekbone), knee her in the back and finally throw her again into the patrol car, all the while as she screams in pain. After the video surfaced and her lawyer and other sensible people declared it "disturbing," police responded that they “stand by our practices” but put the officers on leave pending an "investigation." The police report says West was "placed on the ground where she began to thrash and kick wildly." That is not evident from the video, whose escalation unfolds in long slow dread from a playful West happily reciting the alphabet for the sobriety test and proclaiming it "awesome" to her suddenly being grabbed, slammed, kneed and thrown as, all the while, she increasingly wails in horror, fear and pain. The irony: These goons are so caught up in their sick violence, they always forget the camera's rolling. Warning: Video gets increasingly graphic.

Also in Florida: A guy just got arrested for walking while black. Literally.


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