Sorry Sir, But Bull

Sorry Sir, But Bull

Abby Zimet

The clearest and most succinct rebuttal we've seen to Obama's Syria speech - its "fanciful speculation," convoluted logic and surreal claims that the world is a better place because we nobly took upon ourselves "the burdens of leadership." From Charles Pierce. With new video from Brave New Foundation that agrees.

"Actually, recent history tells us that the reaction to a great power making war in a smaller place doesn't happen like that at all. We armed the jihadis in Afghanistan, they won, and elements of them turned against us. You cannot redouble our efforts in Syria for a political solution after we've blown the crap out of the place. The absolute blindness of our political and governing elites to the fact that this country has no credibility in this part of the world continues to amaze and astound. We tell the people there that we are waging a limited, targeted war, and they will tell us, fuck you, you're killing people here again. We have arranged that part of the world to the point where we get blamed for everything. It's not fair, but that's the way it is. Please, Mr. President, don't listen to the people you're listening to any more."


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