In Colorado, NRA Wins, Everyone Else Loses

In Colorado, NRA Wins, Everyone Else Loses

Abby Zimet

After the Aurora shootings

Ugh, let's get this over with: An appalling victory for NRA-funded gun nuts in Colorado who successfully recalled two key Democratic legislators who supported minimally common-sense gun-control laws - limiting magazines to 15 rounds and requiring background checks - in what was widely viewed as a proxy national referendum on gun control. The gleeful right is spinning the victory as one of "an army of grassroots Davids" and "freedom-loving citizens" over "gun-grabbing lobbyists." Recalled Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, replaced by freedom-and-gun-loving Republicans, say they are on the right side of history and have no regrets. And analysts looking at the results are saying guess who threw a whole lot of money into the fight and dutifully got out their supporters, and guess who didn't and needs to next time?


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