How Far Is Too Far, Asks Texas Decal Maker. This Far.

Abby Zimet

After his chillingly realistic tailgate decal of a woman bound and gagged in the back of a truck caused widespread outrage, a Waco Texas signmaker is backpedalling as fast as he can. Belatedly calling the creation "an experiment in marketing" - "It was just something that we had to put out there more or less to see who would notice it" - Hornet Signs owner Brad Kolb has created a blog and video to declare his company doesn't "condone abusive behavior in any form," seek donations to women's shelters, announce he won't be making any more, and urge all those who inexplicably don't think it's funny to see an image of a woman abducted and hog-tied to "embrace the situation" and "turn it into positive solutions" for "this disturbing social issue." Well said, Brad! Though kinda late. Most of those ranting and sputtering on the company's Facebook page in response to his idiocy seem unimpressed by this sudden surge in sensitivity, suggesting less than politely that he's still out to make a buck, and if he wants to do an experiment howz about trying not to trivialize violence against women like it's all a big yuck. They have a point, and their rage is heartening.  But Kolb's poll asking customers if they think controversy or compassion gets more publicity - current results: controversy 77%, compassion 22% - isn't, even in Texas.



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