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Friday, September 6, 2013
We Sent You to Stop the War: Angry Voters Try In Vain to Remind McCain That His Job Is to Represent Them
Here's the infuriating spectacle of John 'Never-Met-A-War-I-Didn't-Like' McCain at town meetings in Arizona, ostensibly set up for the people who elected him to tell him how they feel, except when they really don't want to go to war with Syria, at which discomforting impasse he pointedly fails to hear what they're saying. The most rage-inducing moment is a tough call: When his eyebrows lift in patronizing dismissal of a woman's fervent call for diplomacy, or when a Vietnam veteran notes the U.S. has likewise used chemical weapons - ie: napalm - and McCain explains how that's different, except it isn't, except in the alternate reality where he lives and seeks, unfathomably, to wage yet more war. "Why are you not listening to the people and staying out of Syria? It’s not our fight.”
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