All Further Articles for 2013-09-03

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Being AIPAC's Bitch: NYT Reconsiders, Removes Mention of the 800-Pound Gorilla That Wants A War
A revealing catch finds the New York Times deleting mention of White House strategists on Syria having to consider the “800-pound gorilla in the room” that is the Israel lobbying group AIPAC, which wants a Syria strike for its own questionable motives - yet another surreally bogus reason for us, who are not them, to start a war. While the bombs are falling, meanwhile, AIPAC supporters will be at their National Summit, an "exclusive annual California Wine Country."
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We Want White Babies: The KKK Meets the NAACP
Arguing “if you want to talk about hate, get a hater,” Jimmy Simmons, the bravely hopeful head of a Wyoming NAACP branch spent months negotiating a meeting with a Klan organizer after black men out with white women started getting beat up. The meeting went about as expected: KKKer John Abarr said he likes wearing robes and they're kinder/gentler now and what violence? And skeptical NAACP leaders tried to get through a wall of denial too old and high to fall that quickly. MLK's long moral arc: maybe next time. “It’s obvious to me you don’t know what you are." - Simmons
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