Where's Damascus?

Where's Damascus?

Abby Zimet

A new "game" from Us Vs Th3m shows a world map titled "Where's Damascus?", notes the U.S. is "probably" about to bomb it, and asks viewers to find it. In a day, over 100,000 people tried. A majority guessed within 200 miles, with many more in the general vicinity of the Middle East. Of 65 guesses from within the US Department of Defense, just 57% got it roughly right - statistically worse than many other groups, including the U.K.'s houses of Parliament, which just voted against military action, raising the startlingly cogent argument, among many many others, that if you don't even know where a place is, maybe you shouldn't be considering bombing it. (Disclosure: It took me three tries to get within 58 miles, but I neglected to use the zoom.) Madness. A White House petition to find alternatives, and nationwide rallies planned for Saturday. 

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