Honk For Impeachment

Abby Zimet

You Gotta Love Capitalism Dept: The dog days of summer have evidently brought out the right-wing feverish fringe and "partisan outrage machines" with increased calls for Obama's impeachment, which would be intriguing if it wasn't, alas, for all the wrong "reasons" - Obamacare, Benghazi, being too nice to brown-skinned people, rather than drones, surveillance, supporting war-mongering regimes. Thus do we have several GOP legislators wistfully talking up impeachment as "a dream come true," an Overpasses for Impeachment movement, and a new Impeachment Store from WND, formerly WorldNetDaily, whose "uncompromising journalism seeking truth and justice" leads today with a story citing "evidence from various Middle Eastern sources" - including "a native Arabic-speaker"! - that last week's gas attack in Syria was the work of rebel forces, not Assad's henchmen. WND's website also features an instructive online Superstore: survival kits, 10 Commandments lawn signs, tea-stained Betsy Ross flags, Ted Nugent for President bumper stickers, 99-cent books like "Food Fraud," "Eco-Tyranny" and "Where's the Birth Certificate?" a special report on how Obama has undermined free enterprise and handed over power to "a global socialist movement,” and, now, their impeachment offerings. Primary among them is today's release of their summer blockbuster, "Impeachable Offenses," to be handed out to Congressional aides. Even supporters, though, admit the impeachment movement is "pure politics" and a long shot, given that little issue of finding legally supportable evidence for it. The tragedy here: There might be, if they weren't looking in all the wrong places.


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