Gaming Surveillance: Obama As Misleading, Control-Freak Dad

Gaming Surveillance: Obama As Misleading, Control-Freak Dad

Abby Zimet

All things NSA just keep getting worse. The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf eviscerates, point by mendacious point, Obama's condescending surveillance speech - "the disinformation, the weasel words, the impossible-to-believe protestations, the factually inaccurate assertions" - even as the German newspaper Der Spiegel publishes bizarro details on the NSA's XKeyscore system and the way its global spying has incorporated computer gaming, "skilz" points and all, to keep analysts motivated to keep sifting through your stuff.

"Throughout the surveillance debate, the executive branch, including Obama, has lied, obfuscated, and misled the American people in a variety of ways. Before Edward Snowden's leaks, they could at least tell themselves that the disinformation was serving the purpose of keeping al-Qaeda operates from learning the general contours of our surveillance capabilities. But today, when that excuse has long since expired, Obama is still lying, obfuscating, and misleading the American people."

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