Ebony Says Save Our Sons, Some White People Not Sure They Want To

Abby Zimet

When the venerable Ebony magazine released its September issue with four powerful covers in tribute to Trayvon Martin - one featuring his family, three of famous black men with their sons, all in hoodies - the response was about what you'd expect. Many (brown-skinned and/or of a liberal political persuasion) applauded the magazine and its explicit call for repeal of Stand Your Ground laws. Others (not) responded with hateful or racist comments on their respective websites about how Trayvon got what he deserved and everyone knows "many young black men in this country are violent criminals." They also may or may not have called for a boycott of Ebony - a rumored call promptly spoofed in Twitter campaigns like #BackwardsBoycotts and comparing the move to Kanye boycotting humility or the proud tradition of "men who on principle refuse to breastfeed their babies in public." Entertaining, all. Though the hate remains, and disturbs.

From Ebony's statement on its tribute covers: "Generations of Black America have come to terms with the fact that we live in a country that often eats its young - our young...To be 17, black and male, specifically, is tantamount to a crime, so said the actions of a certain George Zimmerman, Trayvon’s killer. What now? What now?"

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